Stored in original jars for over 6 years and seasoned with over-15-year-old rare aged spirits, Tasting Shede stands as a classic high-end strong-flavored liquor in China The brewing techniques of intangible cultural heritage of “Taihe liquor classic”, which inherits more than 1,300 years. Creating the patent technology of golden liquor, featured with more elegant and comfortable liquor body. The liquor was stored in purple pottery of Yixing for more than 8 years and seasoned with more than 15 years’ aged liquor. National intangible cultural heritage brewing technology- u sing the old cellar of Chinese food cultural heritage for ecological storage. “Shede” spirits has a unique quality and natural taste, by “six-grain” brewing technique
and natural aging method, it is endowed with a distinctive style of “rich, sweet, fresh and crisp”. With floral bouquet and gentle taste, “Shede” is natural sweet and more comfortable. SHEDESPIRITS EVERY BOTTLE IS VINTAGE RARE AND PRECIOUS